Learning as part of progress

Around the world, we are experiencing fundamental and disruptive changes every day - megatrends such as technological, demographic and climate change are all having a profound impact on us. These and other megatrends are also having an increasingly rapid impact on the work context, so that the knowledge, skills and abilities we will need in the future are fundamentally different from those we have today.

Learning as an integral part of our organization (learning ecosystem) is designed to help us meet the needs and demands of our customers as well as our growth and development objectives. In doing so, we focus on the learner and adapt our program and training portfolio to current learning needs, which we achieve through close integration between central HR development and the local academies. In this way, we also ensure a seamless offering for all employees nationally and internationally.


How we prepare our employees for the challenges of tomorrow

Impart knowledge and skills on Tech & Data

Through targeted learning initiatives in perspective areas such as New Technology and Data, we aim to equip people in our organization to meet future challenges in the supply chain environment.

Implementation of leadership development programs

Leadership is a multifaceted topic and is of enormous relevance, especially in times of digital transformation and change. Therefore, it is important for us to accompany and support our leaders on their way.

Establishing a modern learning culture

Learning takes place in a self-motivated and self-organized way. In addition, against the backdrop of standardization, it is becoming indispensable to share knowledge within the organization. Through programs, platforms and the technical infrastructure, we thus make a sustainable contribution to a modern learning culture.

Promoting and developing our talents

In order to close essential personnel vacancies as quickly as possible, it is important for us to create visibility of suitable candidates within our own organization. In combination with development and retention measures, we work toward effective succession planning.

Measures and examples