The ZERO HERO AWARD 2021 goes to... Hong Kong!

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for our customers and for us. That's why we are intensively looking at how we can support our customers' sustainability strategy and our own climate targets via the energy infrastructure in our warehouses. But what measures are actually being implemented at the individual sites to become more sustainable? And to what extent do these measures contribute to greater energy efficiency and emissions reduction? To highlight which site has made the most progress in the past year, we are presenting the Arvato Supply Chain Solutions Zero Hero Award for the first time.

This is a sustainability competition of all Arvato SCS logistics sites in which we take various criteria into account to compare and evaluate the sites with each other - for example, the absolute consumption and emissions data from 2021 as well as the reductions achieved compared to the previous year. Data from the environmental data collection provided by each site is used for the data analysis.

We are very pleased to have won the Zero Hero Award 2021 with Hong Kong! Especially the switch to green power was very important for us. As a result, we avoided 311t CO2 in 2021. Congratulations to the whole team - a great achievement!

Raoul Kuetemeier
Head of Asia

The key to success

Joni Chow, Green Lead Asia, explains which key measures have contributed to success in addition to the switch to green power: "The installation of PV systems on our roofs additionally helps to cool our buildings. Furthermore, we use 100% LED at our Hong Kong sites and always turn off the lights when it's not unavoidable." Raoul Kuetemeier reports on the commitment of his employees: "Our employees also like to contribute to sustainability progress. For example, we have a rooftop garden that is maintained by our employees."

Warren Tsang, Head of Hong Kong (left), Fergus Leung, Assistant Operations Manager

Prize money of 5,000 euros

The award comes with prize money of 5,000 euros, which is used to support a green project. This year's winners - our colleagues in Hong Kong - have the great idea to invest the prize money in new e-charging stations for Hong Kong.

Joni Chow comments, "In addition to the e-charging stations, we're planning a second-hand fair this summer to further raise awareness of waste prevention."

The Zero Hero Award will be presented annually from now on. We are already curious who will be the Zero Hero 2022!