Country Deep-Dive: USA

USA Market Overview

The US has the world’s largest global economy, generating $20.94 trillion (20% of the global GDP) despite having only 5% of the world’s population (329.5 million citizens). 

With around 263 million digital buyers across the country, the US has consolidated its position as the second largest global online market after China. Leading sectors are the tertiary sector (banking, insurance, transport, commerce, publishing, entertainment) and the industry sector (consumer products, aerospace, automobiles, electronics, information technology).

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A very important ingredient of US economy is labor. The number of available workers and, more importantly, their productivity help determine the health of the economy.

Throughout its history, the United States has experienced steady growth in the labor force, and in turn, has helped fuel almost constant economic expansion. Its economy is one of the most open economies in the world, and it thrives on competition. This makes it possible for consumers to have the largest assortment of goods and services in the world available in stores and online.

Source: US Counties by Population Density (Commons Wikimedia, 2022)

E-Commerce Trends in the USA

E-commerce sales in the US increased by 16.1% between 2020 and 2021, representing a revenue of roughly $768 billion.

The Fashion & Lifestyle sector took a significant share of the e-commerce market, accounting for 18.9%, followed by Food & Beverage with 18.1% and Health & Beauty with 16.1%.

Consumers are very demanding with high expectations in terms of quality and efficiency. Consumers are used to receiving orders within 2-3 days (41%). Everything beyond a three day delivery could increase the return rates and costly refusals.

The population density is mainly distributed on the US west and east coasts and therefore an ideal logistic set-up requires multiple sites with inventory to serve those markets.  

Today, gaining the trust and loyalty of customers is paramount. Brands and sellers understand the importance of managing their customers directly, securing their data and no longer leaving them in the hands of third parties.

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9 sites

+ 1 planned

6+ M

shipments annually

3.6 M sqft

warehouse space

Arvato in the USA

We have been present in the United States since 1996. Our facilities are situated to serve the consumer markets in the US with facilities in: Ontario (CA), Valencia (CA), Las Vegas (NV), Pleasant Prairie (WI), Louisville (KY), Memphis (TN), Pennsylvania. 

We are growing and we are not limited by our existing footprint of facilities. Our plan is to grow our footprint in the markets when and where our clients are growing. Thanks to our tactical presence, we are as close as possible to the end consumers, having access to all couriers and delivery systems, providing same day deliveries or 1-2 days transportation to the most populated areas of the US. 

Our fully integrated IT systems (WMS, TMS, OMS) and our global IT backbone allow for ease of expansion, seamless integration, and quality operations. We are focused on highly automated solutions that minimize facility headcount, reduce the atmosphere for human-error, and lower costs over time. Solutions include AutoStores, shuttle systems, automatic packing systems, and more.

We are experts in e-commerce, retail and omnichannel solutions. B2C and B2B fulfillment solutions, transport management, multi-language customer service, financial and digital services are just some of the services we provide in the US. In addition, we also provide a vast range of value added services such as security tagging, shrink wrapping, gift wrapping, bundling, kitting and handling of returns. Learn more about our relationship with Rituals in the USA.

Our Solution for Your Growth

  • Multi-national team of experts

  • Access to all transportation systems

  • Experts in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, tech and healthcare

  • Embedded in a strong global network

  • 1 global IT backbone

  • Automation solutions (AutoStore, packaging machine, shuttle system)

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Luca Niccolai

Luca Niccolai

Director Global Sales & Business Development