Design & User Experience (UX)

UX Design: Outstanding Shopping and User Experiences Guaranteed

Knowing what the customer wants: When it comes to design and user experience in e-commerce solutions and online platforms, Arvato builds on years of experience from projects with leading global businesses. Creativity, technology and data analysis form the basis for shared success.

Whether it is B2B or B2C clients, web shop or business application – the user requirements for online shopping and usage are not only constantly changing, but they are also continuing to grow. The precise analysis and constant optimization of the user experience is one of the key challenges in increasing the user’s acceptance of the company’s product. 

To achieve the best possible user experience solutions, businesses need a distinct understanding of brand and customer requirements, along with extensive knowledge of digital technologies – particularly front- and back end processes. We use the newest methods and technologies in the user experience solutions and design development field to recognize requirements, define suitable user stories and boost the user experience. This includes trend analyses and benchmarks as much as usability tests or comprehensive customer surveys, on which we base initial designs, prototyping, UX design solutions and programming. Regular tests and audits ensure that your online shop or business platform go down well in operation. 

Solutions Overview

  • Implementing consulting projects and workshops
  • Research: Identifying requirements through a wide range of methods such as benchmarking, trend analyses, customer research/surveys or usability tests
  • Developing personas and customer journeys, functionality and user mapping to clearly define requirements
  • Designing, prototyping incl. interactive user testing
  • Developing visual design (creative UX design solutions) and programming
  • Content audit and UX writing
  • Optimizing the conversion rate
  • Integrating mobile solutions


  • Consistent user-centered design ensures acceptability to users and therefore investment safety for the digital business model
  • A positive shopping experience increases customer loyalty and leads to sales increases through repeat purchases 

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