Loyalty Management

Loyalty Management Provides a Full Picture of the Customer

The rapid development of e-commerce and digitization is placing new demands on loyalty management programs. Collecting, analyzing and making use of their customer data is now a top priority for retailers and manufacturers. The collection and analysis of such data is becoming more important, especially for manufacturers, since the buyers of their products have previously been mostly unknown to them. As a professional, full-service partner, we develop comprehensive loyalty management programs for our customers and integrate them into our e-commerce solutions. Whether in the B2C or B2B field, we have the right tools and services to provide you with a complete picture of the customer — all in compliance with existing laws on data privacy, of course.

On behalf of numerous well-known and international clients, Arvato develops and operates tailored loyalty management programs aimed at identifying and acquiring consumers, business customers or employees and increasing their long-term loyalty. The range of services includes all modules of a successful loyalty management program — consulting regarding IT systems, awards management, direct marketing to participants, promotional activities and individualization of products.

As a data-driven company with a high level of IT expertise, we help you to not only collect all the important customer data but also intelligently evaluate what you know about your customers. To achieve this, we make use of a wide range of analysis solutions to optimally support your marketing and sales strategies. We can quickly implement new findings for you and flexibly adapt your loyalty management.

Solutions Overview

CRM consulting

  • Planning and optimization of CRM and loyalty measures
  • Life cycle management
  • Program design and agency services 

CRM IT solutions

  • Tailored CRM solutions supported by Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP CRM, Salesforce or Spryker

Customer insights

  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer value analyses
  • Prevention of customer defections
  • Market data collection and analyses
  • Reactivation of customers and participants

Campaign management

  • Real-time interaction management on all channels and at all touchpoints: organization, implementation and optimization of your communication strategy
  • Personalized campaigns
  • Complex customer-journey solutions

Mobile integration

  • B2C applications for customer acquisition, sales promotion and boosting customer engagement
  • B2E applications allowing employees to target customers with information at all customer touchpoints
  • Mobile store device for employee support of omnichannel processes, such as in-store ordering, click & collect, reserve & collect

Subscription Management

  • Management of subscription and license contracts
  • Mapping of complex subscription products with high dependencies between options, campaigns and devices
  • Data management platform with flexible process configuration
  • Access to central database via GUI for customer service or other departments
  • Management of various sales channels with different products, prices and campaign solutions

Promotion services

  • Concept generation/development
  • Supervision and hosting of your promotion platform
  • Connection of your CRM database
  • Front and back end programming
  • Customer support in an Arvato service center


  • Greater customer transparency: Usage of every customer contact point for the collection of customer information 
  • Increasing customer profitability: Focusing of marketing and sales activities on lucrative target groups
  • Optimizing customer communication: The right customers targeted with the right product via the right channel 

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