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Customer-centric Solutions

E-commerce and the platform economy are dominant trends in trade and industry. Arvato Supply Chain Solutions conceptualizes, develops and operates complex e-commerce platforms or high-performance business applications for companies working in the B2B and B2C business. With over 20 years of experience as a leading service provider of e-commerce solutions, we bring a wide range of different capabilities with a full-service approach – from UX design solutions and development, system integration and platform operation, to shop management, conversion rate optimization and online marketing.

Our solutions supported by Salesforce, Hybris, Oxid or Spryker are as scalable as possible and can be flexibly adapted to changing market requirements. We focus on the user and their behavior from the very start when designing our developments, with the aim of implementing efficient market places that bring businesses, distributors and customers closer together.

For efficient processes, consistent information and maximum data transparency, we attach the greatest importance to high-performance back end solutions with central administration, as well as efficient solutions in the area of API integration and management. By integrating all relevant systems and channels as well as merging data, we create the foundation for profitable omnichannel commerce and we are able to support your entry into new markets in the best possible way. By having data available across channels in real time, we ensure that you can access the relevant information needed to extrapolate appropriate measures and continually optimize your online shop or business application.

Solutions Overview

  • Selecting systems, developing and operating online shops supported by Salesforce, Hybris, Oxid and Spryker
  • Supplying a dedicated in-house development team 
  • E-commerce consulting and omnichannel commerce
  • Implementing cloud architecture
  • API integration and management: connecting all relevant inventory management, distribution, CRM, marketing, CMS and PIM systems
  • Master data management as well as shop and data migration
  • Implementing payment interfaces and integrating different payment options
  • Integrating business intelligence, logistics solutions, customer loyalty programs, customer service etc.
  • Shop management incl. optimization


  • Agile development for a flexible customer focus that is specific to the user experience
  • In-house e-commerce consultation team to analyze new markets and business opportunities

Marketplace Study

Sales are booming in online marketplaces. But apparel manufacturers often worry that customers of their online outlets will increasingly migrate to the online marketplace, and that they will then lose direct access to their customers. To find out whether this fear is really justified, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions brought out the recent study “Marketplaces for Apparel Brands.”

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