Robot Controlled Automation

Managing Operations in a More Efficient and Agile Way

The advancing developments in robotics and automation technology enable companies to gain competitive advantages and thus greater flexibility in operational processes. Furthermore, tiring and repetitive jobs can be carried out by robotics technology, so that employees can concentrate on knowledge-intensive tasks.

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions integrates advanced automation technologies into the logistics processes through the use of versatile interface-capable software. Such fully integrated solutions provide decision-makers with the information they need to more efficiently steer operations during daily business. Productivity increases because orders and routes are optimally coordinated and closely linked with associated processes. We rely on the automation of decisions for faster and smoother processes, and use machine learning technology for this purpose. Intelligent analysis of the datasets that arise at every stage of the supply chain makes it possible to recognize previously unseen connections and to develop solutions and realistic scenarios for the short term.

These shape the overall flow of goods in a much more agile way that is less prone to disruptions. These include the use of new RPA technologies such as modern goods-to-person systems, driverless transport systems, as well as pick robotics solutions. Technologies such as virtual/augmented reality, pick-by-vision, RFID and drones also complement Arvato Supply Chain Solutions’ range of automation options.

Solutions Overview

  • Intelligent analysis of data along the supply chain
  • Evaluation of new developments and technologies
  • Carrying out test and material flow simulations and benchmarks
  • Comprehensive guidance as well as selecting and implementing technologies

Warehouse Automation Technology

  • Half-, fully- or highly-automated warehouse solutions as needed.
  • Flexible, cutting-edge materials handling systems
  • Robot-supported storage & commissioning systems
  • Pick-by-vision, pick-by-light, and pick-by-voice commissioning technologies
  • Driverless transport systems
  • Automated goods receipt clearance
  • Bag sorting systems for hanging and folded goods
  • Shuttle systems and other goods-to-person solutions


  • Fast adjustment to new technologies through dedicated project teams
  • Comprehensive experience in integration into complex supply chain processes
  • Increased process efficiency and employee productivity
  • Lower costs while at the same time increasing output
  • Increased capacities

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