Returns Management

Professional Returns Management for Fast, Customer-Friendly Processes

Every year, more than ten million returns and five million warranty issues pass through Arvato’s logistics locations. Whether it’s retail, e-commerce, fashion, high tech, telecommunications or pharmaceuticals, our returns logistics services support companies from a wide range of industries. Returns management solutions from Arvato Supply Chain Solutions bring with them significant cost savings, complete transparency and end-customer-friendly processes.

For their digital as well as their conventional distribution channels, companies need optimized returns management that includes international returns and specialized processes for requirements in the B2B or B2C area. Sectors such as the high tech or healthcare sector place special requirements on returns logistics for their sensitive products, and they expect specific solutions – which Arvato provides.

With our decades of experience and our strong returns logistics network as a base, we develop customized and need-appropriate returns solutions for our customers. We bundle products for return shipments, use powerful diagnostic tools for rapid identification of errors, integrate web-based self-service tools for avoiding returns, and use our inspections and processing of returns to make rapid re-availability possible. Of course, as part of our returns management, we also take on the processing and professional repair of products. We check each group of merchandise based on special assessment criteria, package and re-label error-free returns without delay, clean and repair the returned items if needed, or exchange them.

With Arvato’s returns logistics solutions, companies improve the efficiency of their processes, design them in a customer-friendly fashion and acquire full transparency. They thereby benefit above all from our integrated solutions that cover the entire order-to-cash cycle. We guide all relevant processes, from ordering to logistics and transport to returns, product exchange, payments and credits.


Solutions Overview

  • Goods-specific processes
  • Checking returns – manually and/or with use of high-performance diagnostic tools
  • Professional reprocessing of returned items: Carrying out repairs, including detailed functional tests or product preparation such as ironing of garments
  • Customer-specific returns processes, e.g. warranty issues and non-warranty issues
  • Standard replacement or preferred replacement products (swap)
  • Web-based self-service solutions to avoid returns and register returns
  • IT-supported returns processes for maximum transparency
  • Employee trainings for product-specific handling, including identification of product counterfeiting
  • Customer service teams to handle complaints
  • Maximum integrable order-to-cash solutions
  • Sector-specific special solutions such as STOK returns logistics for hospitals, including product exchange with deliveries between different clinics
  • Implementation of special recall campaigns


  • Rapid re-availability in the sales process through short throughput times based on standard processes in the return process
  • High level of satisfaction for customer and end customer
  • IT-supported processes and documentation for maximum transparency and reliable quality management

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