Value Added Services

High degree of flexibility when demand changes

With the increasing digitization and individualization of society, there is growing demand for individualized products that are also rapidly available. In addition, market conditions often change in an unforeseeable way, requiring a high degree of flexibility. The ability to combine logistical services with postponement, countrymizing or other value added services allows us to adapt our offerings to the demand in a flexible fashion.

In addition, we support you in your entire print management and procurement process, including your marketing logistics. From product advising and vendor management to production and storage to delivery. You profit from cost savings and cost avoidance as well as quality-increasing measures. We are also your central contact for matters involving procurement of marketing and POS materials.

In postponement, products are placed into storage in a neutral condition in order to optimally use existing storage space. In such late state finishing, individualization takes place at a later point in time in accordance with the desired requirements (country-specific packaging or information) or the market-specific product characteristics (e.g. software versions). Our services in this segment are an integral component of our supply chain solutions. Our value added services not only ensure you the flexibility needed to react quickly to changed demand, but they also ensure better turnaround of goods and reduced warehouse inventories. Our value added services in the postponement area can be carried out in production batches or on the basis of ordering criteria like country of destination, product or customer. We carry out our solutions in a sector-specific way.

Our other services in the area of value added services are also multi-faceted and vary based on sector: They range from labeling, print on demand and enclosure of individualized product information or vouchers and greeting cards, to the bundling of individual items into new sets, to more complex solutions such as returns management and preparation, repair or customs services, and thus include all processes along the supply chain.



Solutions Overview

  • Packing, repacking, labeling of products
  • Returns management
  • Control, preparation and follow-up of goods
  • Packaging in accordance with country-specific or retailer-specific specifications or adapted to special advertising campaigns (bundling)
  • Print on demand
  • Print management and procurement (including vendor management) – not just for product-accompanying information and marketing materials but also for marketing logistics overall
  • Enclosure of advertising, informational material or promotional items to support marketing campaigns
  • Industry-specific solutions, e.g. software updates, product configurations, (re-)assembly of consigned goods, emergency deliveries, named patient supply or serialization solutions


  • Postponement ensures reduced inventories because products are not individualized until later (late stage finishing)
  • Flexible response to end-customer demand
  • Synchronization of postponement solutions or value added services with existing processes in the areas of logistics, distribution, production or transport
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Serialization video

A new EU directive that took effect on February 9, 2019 (the FMD, or Falsified Medicines Directive) mandates the serialization of prescription medicines in order to ensure that counterfeit pharmaceuticals don’t enter the legal supply chain. Arvato Supply Chain Solutions is offering pharmaceutical companies end-to-end solutions for FMD-compliant distribution — including a new serialization machine at the Healthcare unit location in Marienfeld near Gütersloh.

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