Account Receivables

Accounting: How to Improve Your Liquidity

Prompt invoicing and accounting of your incoming payments, monitoring your customers’ credit limits, and active collection services – in other words, professional credit management – are key to the success of your business, whether with B2B or B2C customers. With our years of experience in national and international settings, we offer you processes that are aligned with your business – all from a single source. Our solutions track every step of the customer experience, from the initial contact to your end customer’s payment. 

Before the contract is even concluded, we minimize the future risk of delayed payments and potential payment default using credit checks, setting of credit limits, and fraud screening, for example. 

From accounting revenues to coordinating payments and reimbursements, we ensure that your receivables are always up to date. With financial and tax-related reports, we support you in the preparation of your annual financial statements and in your official communication with various authorities, tax offices and auditors. Of course, our credit management also complies with all international laws and guidelines relating to taxes, accounting and all forms of data protection.

Our outstandingly constructed credit management, intelligent reports and analyses, and the commitment of our professional staff contribute to your company’s improved liquidity and thus to a stable financial situation.


Solutions Overview

Fully integrated accounts receivable

  • Bank reconciliation in the document currency
  • Preparation of monthly and annual financial statements
  • Support with notifications to tax offices and other authorities
  • Management of credit limits and accounts receivable/payable
  • Handling of all relevant currencies worldwide
  • Coordination of payment types and payment service providers
  • Purchase of debts in the field of e-commerce
  • Daily logging of all your end customers’ transactions 
  • Digital archiving of all receipts 

Analysis and reporting

  • Management reports with all essential figures and KPIs
  • Revenue and tax reports
  • Reports on accounts receivable/payable
  • Transmission of reports through interfaces
  • Monitoring of tax thresholds for suppliers 
  • Recommendations on the latest and most relevant payment methods in each country
  • Analyses of chargebacks and collection orders

Order for payment procedure

  • Formal order for payment
  • Default reporting (early detection of payment default risks)
  • Option of multiple languages per country
  • Individual print documents (texts, layouts, logos)


  • Years of experience in the international context; portfolio of over 100 international B2C and B2B customers
  • Our reporting ensures a constant overview of the status of your receivables
  • Minimization of loss through the early detection of payment default and fraud risks 
  • Fixed response times from your designated contact person 
  • Flexibility through shared teams, short-term service of staff during peak times without unnecessary costs during slower periods

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