Master Data Management

High Data Quality and Customer Satisfaction

In the day-to-day life of a company, product data, addresses, prices and other master data change constantly. Incorrect data that are not updated lead to significant increases in workload and additional costs. We keep our customers’ data up-to-date, validate customers when needed and report proactively when there are inconsistencies, such as inexplicable differences in price or redundancies in datasets (let delivery addresses). Likewise, well-founded decisions are possible only with reports and analyses based on correct data.

As part of our order-to-cash management, we oversee all of our customers’ master data. We plan and control all processes by which master data are recorded, maintained and utilized. By continuously updating the data, analyzing and optimizing them on the basis of guidelines and specifications, the number of errors decreases. This in turn reduces the workload and costs of doing business. Well-organized master data management leads to increased transparency and to a reduction in returns, complaints, invoice corrections and time-consuming revision of data. Meaning your customers’ satisfaction increases too!


Solutions Overview

Product data management:

  • Adherence to product specifications (authorization, expiration, etc.)
  • Administration of multiple hierarchies
  • Catalogue management
  • Supply chain management (manufacturer, supplier, seller, end customer)

Customer data management:

  • Customer master data (sold-to, ship-to, partner role, creditworthiness, etc.)
  • Product authorization by customer
  • Approval matrix for setting up new customers and modifying existing customers
  • Service level (transport services, VIP, etc.)

Price data management:

  • Pricing design and logic
  • Pricing hierarchies
  • Discount and rebate management
  • Management of transfer/CoG prices 


  • Increased productivity through efficient business processes and well-founded decisions 
  • Satisfied customers, e.g. through reduction in error rates
  • Cost and time savings in master data processing through clearly defined responsibilities

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