Payment Management

The Right Payment Methods for your Business

The requirements regarding payment processing are always increasing, both in e-commerce and in the B2B environment. Payment methods often vary from country to country, and different customer groups require different payment methods and processes. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can help your company to put together the optimal combination of payment methods. 

Online retailers are facing growing challenges in e-commerce. More and more end customers prefer to work with a specific payment method. If their preferred payment method is not offered, end customers often terminate the purchase process. However to prevent debt defaults, all payment methods should not be on offer. Arvato Supply Chain Solutions  offers its customers a portfolio of various online and offline payment services that both maximize the conversion rate and prevent debt defaults. To this end, Arvato has developed various services that can be easily integrated into your online store. 

The payment types can be easily connected via our own Arvato payment system, which enables over 100 payment methods worldwide. To do this, the Arvato payment system is integrated into an online shop and functions as a central payment interface between the various payment service providers. The payment system processes domestic and international payment transactions and takes care of the associated validation and authorization processes. Of course, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is observed. 

In the B2B environment in Europe, payment on account is practically the only accepted payment method, yet late or forgotten payments by business clients make it necessary to operate extensive collection services. However, there are various options in this area for guaranteeing punctual payment, for example SEPA direct debits. National direct debit methods such as RiBa in Italy also offer a simple solution for your payment transaction. In the international environment, other payment processes, for example advance payment or cheques, may be appropriate. We offer you advise and support you in finding the optimal combination of payment methods.


Solutions Overview

  • Processing of over 100 payment methods in more than 100 countries
  • Recommendations on the latest and most relevant payment methods in each country
  • Standardized, stable, and scalable IT solution
  • Customized payment process 
  • Optimized integration into the check-out process for a seamless e-commerce purchasing experience
  • Electronic ordering and payment processes in B2B via EDI and direct debit
  • Instant verification of credit card information
  • Credit check and risk classification during check out
  • Downstream credit card charging from within the system
  • Cancellations and refunds can be managed via the online store


  • Many years of expertise in B2C e-commerce and in the B2B environment: we process over 10 million transactions annually
  • A stable, scalable payment solution for your online shop with more than 100 payment methods in more than 100 countries
  • Integrated risk and fraud solutions enable individual management of payment methods for each end customer.
  • Automated, standardized payment processes for your B2B business.

Integrated Payment Solutions

Cashless payment is in vogue. Yet many solutions on the market are turning out to be siloed applications with limited uses. The integrated payment solutions of Arvato offer companies and consumers notable benefits and opportunities when it comes to handling payment transactions, as explained by Dennis Schmitz- Vice President Finance & Financial Services at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

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