Risk Management

More Security for your Business

The world of business is becoming increasingly fast-paced and international. At the same time, it is becoming more and more difficult for companies to evaluate the risk of non-payment because to do so, the creditworthiness of each end customer must be assessed anew each time. Our solutions are designed to enable the necessary credit checks to run automatically and cost-efficiently in a standardized process whenever possible. Our risk management solutions are an integral component of our supply chain and e-commerce product lines. 

Our risk management solution for e-commerce coordinates the processes around the emergence and processing of customer requirements and automatically combines the most important criteria. As a result, our customers achieve a system-controlled risk optimization in e-commerce, and the customer’s credit limit is calculated anew each time they visit the online store. However, it is not only the end customer’s general creditworthiness that is evaluated, but also their shopping and payment history. The credit limit functions as a cap on the end customer’s total outstanding receivables. Every end customer is given the ideal credit limit as a result of the continuous self-optimization of the risk assessment. Retailers, in turn, benefit from our risk management solutions through fewer debt defaults and optimized conversion rates.

In the B2B environment, credit limits are always a combination of end customer relationship, creditworthiness, sales forecasts, payment history, payment terms and other factors. Based on our many years of experience in the international B2B environment and collaboration with various national and global rating companies, Arvato can work with you to develop the best strategy for your end customers. In day-to-day operations, Arvato will monitor the selected strategy in order to adapt it flexibly and at any time upon request. When end customers reach their limit, cases are judged based on individual circumstances. As a result, you are not exposed to any risk you are unwilling to take on, while you still avoid losing turnover unnecessarily.


Solutions Overview

  • Credit check for end customers in Germany and abroad
  • Setting end-customer-specific credit limits
  • Standardized, stable and scalable IT solution
  • Active management of (provided) payment methods
  • Management reports with all essential figures and KPIs
  • Analysis and assessment of the order and payment history of end customers 
  • Address and identity check
  • Evaluation of the end customer’s returns history


  • Extensive expertise in e-commerce; we process several million orders each year with our risk management systems and solutions for our customers
  • Stable and scalable risk management systems for a standardized and therefore cost-efficient connection  
  • Regular adjustments to the guidelines – based on the latest market trends and individual customer approaches – by our analytics department have allowed us to actively prevent fraud waves and to minimize cases of fraud
  • Our interdisciplinary product portfolio ranges from risk and fraud solutions to factoring with 100% security. It ensures that our customers benefit from optimal conversion rates while minimizing the risk of non-payment

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