B2C Distribution

Focus on the Consumer

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Black Friday or Christmas, optimal B2C distribution logistics – i.e. first-class service, speed and reliability – are crucial to delivery, especially in these seasonal or campaign-driven peak times. 

Our B2C logistic solutions are efficient, integrated and scalable – and always designed with the greatest possible focus on the customer. Arvato Supply Chain Solutions operates all distribution channels within integrated e-commerce and omnichannel solutions in the B2C logistic sector and provides a positive shopping experience with transparent order and shipment processes as well as flexible payment and delivery options, including easy return possibilities. We also support our customers in developing online shops and provide customer satisfaction with suitable user experience concepts as well as special customer loyalty programs. 

Besides a smoothly running front- and back-end as well as state-of-the-art fulfillment, one of the crucial success factors today is the ability to visualize data and make them usable. The point of sale (POS) has traditionally been the most important area for collecting customer data. However, as an end-to-end provider, Arvato can also gather data on the whole supply chain in B2C distribution logistics – from warehouse processes to payments to reverse logistics.By using business intelligence in our B2C logistics, we are able to create accurate demand forecasts, optimize inventory, prevent supply shortages, improve return quotas and effectively map peaks. But beyond that, the use of business intelligence tools also enables us to better understand your purchasers’ behavior and preferences, and in doing so to help you offer personalized, customer-oriented offers and services. These also include product recommendations, offers and loyalty programs that are tailored to every consumer. 


Solutions Overview

  • E-commerce solutions including consulting and integration of omnichannel processes
  • Business intelligence and predictive analytics: collection and analysis of information at POS and along the supply chain
  • Web shop development including user experience design 
  • Development of customer loyalty programs
  • Financial services: taking over of payment processes including accounts receivable management and credit assessment
  • Integration of different payment methods in consideration of country-specific solutions
  • Returns management including repair and processing, as well as handling return credits and refunds 
  • Fulfillment and value added services
  • International transport management and a high-performance line-haul network
  • Personalized delivery options for the last mile: same-day delivery, click & collect, etc.
  • Expert multilingual customer service teams to handle your end customers’ queries


  • Integrated solutions along the entire order-to-cash cycle
  • Linehaul network with a delivery speed of under two days in Europe
  • Last mile services with delivery at desired time and place
  • Returns back online within 25 minutes of receipt
  • Several customer-friendly international payment options
Customer centric retailing

Customer Centricity

Shopping on all channels, easy ordering, straightforward payment options and, of course, fast delivery free of charge – consumers have high expectations of retailers and manufacturers. Arvato Supply Chain Solutions is a thoroughly customer-centric company that systematically puts your end customers at the center of all business-related activities along the entire order-to-cash cycle. Here you’ll find out what tools you can use to learn more about your customers.

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Customer centric retailing

Customer Loyalty

Knowing your own customers is becoming increasingly important for entrepreneurial success. Only companies that know their end customers and their needs can develop appropriate strategies and ensure that all of their business activities cater to those customers. Loyalty programs and campaigns are an effective tool for accessing the required data, as Michael Absolon, Vice President Digital of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, explains.

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