Distribution Network Design

Sustainable Increase of Efficiency across the Entire Supply Chain

With 85 locations in over 20 countries, Arvato provides a global network with over 1.7 million square meters of warehouse space to support customer growth in key markets, while enabling them to quickly access new markets. With regard to our customers’ production and distribution networks and their centralized or decentralized warehouse strategy, we provide tailored distribution network design solutions with comprehensive 4PL management. Arvato covers many logistic hotspots as required by its customers; these consist of international, national and regional locations with good transport links. 

In the areas of distribution network design and 4PL management, our customers benefit from the full spectrum of new and innovative solutions, as well as our existing ones. Through the international, cross-industry knowledge transfer of best-practice solutions, we are able to implement new projects within a short amount of time. Thanks to our consistent SAP architecture in Arvato’s global network and a high level of IT expertise in-house, we also guarantee efficient processes that are regularly examined with our comprehensive system of quality management. 

For many years, countless global players have relied on our expertise in distribution network design and 4PL management, which we can use for establishing new locations, integrating relevant services and developing intelligent transport solutions. 


Solutions Overview

  • Distribution network design and global logistics setup taking account of free trade areas (cross-border solutions)
  • 4PL management
  • Consultation, concept and location selection
  • Planning and establishment of new locations
  • Planning of the logistics infrastructure
  • Simulations of the network and the flow of goods
  • Handling of legal and approval processes
  • Design of transport solutions

Strong International Network

In order to compete globally, more and more companies are opening up additional sales markets by expanding abroad. However, going abroad not only offers opportunities, but also involves numerous risks. Read here how Arvato can help you internationalize your business as a powerful partner.

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Our logistics hubs can be expanded as required thanks to a scalable and flexible modular design, thus supporting your expansion plans. We always see warehousing as an integral part of our complex supply chain solutions. Based on material flow simulations, our experts design and realize the optimal layout for you and implement the most efficient picking methodology.

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