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The customer journey has been turned upside down and we see fundamentally changing customer expectations, in addition to new technologies and trends. The world around us is changing at an incredible speed and companies are being forced to adapt. The COVID-19 crisis has been shown an enormous shift from offline to online retail but also how inflexible and volatile the supply chains are. E-commerce is prone to a high number of orders and returns. In addition, customers demand a wide product selection, speed, transparency and reliability.

Meeting today's customer demands poses several challenges throughout the supply chain. Flexibility, a customer-centric mindset, and a commitment to speed and immediacy, will be the defining factors of modern (digital) supply chains.

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions has its own digital unit, which enables us as a supply chain partner to not only create excellent and resilient logistics solutions for our clients, but also to complement them with digital solutions that address the needs of the end customer. We believe that the digital supply chain is better: it integrates IT and logistics expertise, it places customer and their needs right at the beginning of the supply chain, it is data-driven, scalable and sustainable.

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Dr. Dietmar Guhe, Vice President IT

Cloud infrastructure - always focusing on the benefit of our customers

The cloud is an essential prerequisite and indispensable component of digital transformation. For several years now, Arvato Supply Chain Solution has been consistently migrating its corporate infrastructure to the cloud. In addition to our own efficiency and the reliability of our IT systems, we focus primarily on the benefits for our customers. They benefit from faster innovations and greater agility
In an in-depth interview, Dr. Dietmar Guhe, Vice President IT, talks about the state of play of our digital transformation and how our customers and employees are benefiting from it.

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Finally the customer is king

How speed, flexibility and a customer-centric mindset in logistics will redefine the e-commerce experience 

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