DiSA – The Digital Service Assistant

DiSA – The Future of Automotive After Sales

The Digital Service Assistant (DiSA) is our concept for the future of automotive after sales. DiSA is distinguished by its intelligent combination of diagnostic and repair data, featuring automated digital communication, both during the repair process and encompassing interactions with the vehicle user.

The idea behind ​DiSA is to support the service process holistically and to avoid media disruptions from the very first warning message leading up to troubleshooting and accounting of the supplied services, while using modern, digital tools and methods. Innovative technologies, such as for example augmented reality, are implemented to intelligently interlink current automotive trends like autonomous driving, connectivity or the utilization of forecast data from the service cloud.

As an expert in the digitization of after sales information, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions is working collaboratively with the engineering partner IAV. The business unit Corporate Information Management (CIM) of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions can leverage its expertise to evolve complex IT solutions and combine this with its automotive industry expertise that ranges from content creation to the development and IT operations of applications. Besides, Arvato also manages the logistics associated with the necessary hardware.


DiSA – The way to digitizing automotive service

Together with IAV, we visualize the digitized service process. In doing so, we focus on the perspectives of end customers, workshop operators as well as service staff. The intelligent linking of real CAD data and text-based repair information within a modern IT application reveals practical and convenient added value of Augmented Reality.

Linkage of innovative technologies and intelligent information management

The service cloud – IAV and Arvato taking tomorrow’s car service to the next level

When the vehicle registers an error, its relevance and urgency are first evaluated by comparing the error with data from the service cloud. This is followed by an automatic notification of the service provider, including an automatic appointment scheduling generated within the vehicle. The user then uses his smartphone app to confirm the order and render payment. At the same time, the system notifies the workshop to let them know when the vehicle is due to come in, while transmitting the predicted diagnostic data.

“Smart tooling” is crucial in digitizing vehicle service for simplifying and speeding up complex garage processes. As technology evolves, AR will open up many new applications through better image quality, higher processing speed and the availability of 3D data. Edge-tracking based on 3D CAD data is capable of integrating virtual content into the real-world environment. In addition, relevant vehicle and service information – such as repair guidelines, exploded views, guided fault finding or suggested replacement parts – are projected into the work environment and, if necessary, animated for illustration purposes. Within the repair process, AR (based on CAD data) vizualizes the location of hidden, potentially damaged components. In combination with the on-screen display of additional parts information alongside animations depicting their assembly, this considerably accelerates the repair process.


Behind the scenes: The augmented reality (AR) part of DiSA

Making-of – The future is reality

Ulrich Kreidner, Vice President Digital Solutions, and Michael Papendieck, Unit Manager at IAV, talking about the benefits for potential clients.

Successful launch at CES, Las Vegas

For the first time, DiSA has been launched at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 in Las Vegas and attrachted and immediately attrachted attention. See for yourself!