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Customer Centricity as the key element of the supply chain

End customers' demands on the delivery of their products are increasing. Customer centricity is one of the key elements and is the future of modern supply chains. Timely delivery to customers requires the ability to react quickly and seamless processes in order to keep warehouse throughput times to a minimum. For our customers in the automotive industry, for example, we handle the logistics of charging stations or accessories. Complex logistics requirements that demand deep integration into our customers' systems are our specialty.

Our multi-faceted expertise in the sector allows us to ensure correct intralogistics, tailored to your products and your individual requirements. As Arvato, we can thus ensure first-rate service with a combination of flexibility, speed and reliability in both the B2C and B2B areas, which is a decisive factor for our customers’ success, particularly in the context of seasonal or campaign-driven peak times. By integrating other services along the supply chain, such as Order Processing, Returns Management, Value Added Services, Payment Management including Risk Assessment, and Customer Support, we optimize the process and improve the customer experience.

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Logistics fulfillment for charging infrastructure

Charging electric cars quickly, smartly and conveniently from home or at work? Together, we make new mobility accessible to everyone. Our solutions, such as setting up sales channels for new types of mobility products and integrated logistics processes for charging infrastructure, help you to meet the increasing demands of your customers. In addition to the end-to-end supply chain, Arvato integrates other services such as planning, conceptual design and provision of individual packaging with customer logos or operating instructions, Returns Management and market-specific configurations. Our experts advise you on process optimization as well as on the development and implementation of innovative solutions for the supply chain management of charging infrastructure.

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Holger Nitsche

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