STOK survey

Added value of inventory management within the hospital by STOK

In order to find out what added value our STOK inventory management services have for hospitals, and how they can help hospitals to ease their daily workload, Arvato & STOK conducted a survey in cooperation with the University of Paderborn. The survey started in German hospitals and is extended to other European countries. You will find all results little by little below. 

Furthermore a hospital satisfaction survey was conducted by one of our customers. The results were provided from hospital to our customer. 

Hospital satisfaction survey

Survey conducted by one of our customers from July 2017 - September 2017. Results were provided from hospital to customer. 

1. Did STOK show up to the confirmed appointment?
  • 97 % strongly agree
  • 3 % disagree
2. Did STOK explain (on site) the counting process and further actions?
  • 94,8 % strongly agree
  • 5,2 % disagree
3. How satisfied are you with the appearance on-site regarding professionalism, friendliness and presentation?

Almost 100 % positive

70 percent strongly agree and 29 percent agree regarding the STOK apperance on-site,  only one percent disagree.


4. Are you satisfied with the analysis STOK has done on-site?
  • 98,5 % positive feedback
5. Do you find the service STOK provides useful?
  • 61 % very positive
  • 8 % positive
  • 5 % strongly disagree
  • 26 % neutral
Quotes from the hospital

'The collaboration runs very well, especially because STOK always makes an appointment'

'Experienced staff, who’s very approachable'

'It’s very helpful that the STOK Field Data Analyst helps me search for items if they are missing'

Survey on hospital requirements

Survey conducted by STOK and is still ongoing (start: May 2018 - … ). Furthermore the study is extended to additional European countries. Below you will find the results of the German survey. 

1. Do the inventory checks ease your daily workload?
  • 33 % strongly agree
  • 41 % agree
  • 19 % neutral
  • 6 % disagree
  • 1 % strongly disagree
2. Do you welcome inventory checks for several manufacturers being performed the same time?
  • 80 % like that STOK can perform counts for multiple manufacturers at the same time
  • 13 % are neutral to this service
  • 7 % do not like that STOK can perform counts for multiple manufacturers at the same time
3. Would there be an added value for you if follow-up deliveries were brought and sorted into stock at the same time as the inventory check?
  • 85 percent see the service of follow-up deliveries as positive or neutral
  • Only 15 percent do not want to have an active replenishment during a stock count
4. Are you satisfied with STOK’s current analysis of differences on-site?
  • 96 % are satisfied with the STOK analysis 

5. If there were more frequent inventory checks carried out, would they have a positive effect on the counting of consignment goods and the accuracy of stock?
  • 27 % very positive
  • 30 % agree
  • 35 % neutral
  • 5 % disagree
  • 4 % strongly disagree

Which intervals between the inventory checks would be optimal?

65,3 %

see quarterly stock count as the ideal frequency

23,2 %

for almost a quarter of our interviewed customers monthly counts are the best frequency

11,5 %

chose either weekly, nor fortnightly, but 'other'

Results at a glance

Hospital satisfaction survey conducted by one of our international medtech customers

Survey on hospital requirements conducted by STOK and is still ongoing (here: German results) 


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Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Verhoeven

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Verhoeven

Vice President STOK Europe