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9th February 2019: The introduction of the Falsified Medicines Directive (2011/62/EU) in 2011 and the resulting proposed delegated acts at the European level, the fight against the life-threatening trade of illegal drugs is a reality. Serialization and track & trace systems are now part of standard packaging practice in the pharmaceutical industry. The main requirements are codes with serial numbers in a machine-readable format as well as a tamper-evident seal on the folding box. Arvato is here to assist you with compliance through the use of special machines, powerful IT systems and intelligent processes, creating an end-to-end solution.

Digitization is gaining significance as a trigger for innovative processes in areas beyond serialization. An increasing number of manufacturers are expanding their sales channels – often in response to feedback from end customers. Subsequently, new and existing, online and off-line sales channels are then increasingly interlinked as a result. What does omnichannel selling look like in the healthcare industry? Read everything there is to know about the current omnichannel trend in an interview with our expert Qingsong Miao.

In this issue of healthcare news, we tell you more about how digital technologies also increase the transparency and efficiency of the supply chain and touch on many other subjects.

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Supply chain network

Efficient networking thanks to digitization

The development of new sales channels, short reaction times for life-saving products or the end customers’ desire for end-to-end supply solutions. Digitization is gaining significance as a trigger for innovative processes.

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Omnichannel in healthcare sales

Patients do not have to rely on a single distribution channel and want a flexible, personalized and reliable service. Our expert Qingsong Miao explains why an omnichannel concept is a realistic one for the healthcare industry. 

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Find out more from the world of healthcare: Current trends in supply chain and digitization or our GDP license for the United Kingdom! 

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