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Highly accurate availability of medical devices, medical technology and medicinal products at the point of care is of increasing competitive importance. In this context, reliable management of inventory for consignment stock in hospitals or local forward stocking locations (FSLs) can be an alternative to express deliveries.  In intelligent combination with European central warehouses, this can lead to an overall reduction in inventory even at the highest level of availability. Arvato has developed a tool, the Magic Cube of Inventory Management that provides analytic support for optimal field inventory.

Field inventory management is generally outsourced, increasingly as part of an integrated process chain and across multiple countries. In this issue of our healthcare news, you can read an economic analysis of the reasons for the trend toward integrated outsourcing of entire process chains, and of who stands to benefit from it in which situations in comparison with best-of-breed outsourcing. 

I’m also pleased to present our new site in Birmingham, which we opened early this year. Since May, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions has also been offering healthcare customers a solution for the distribution of medications in Portugal – thanks to a collaborative effort with Rangel Logistics Solutions. You will find more about this and other topics over the following pages.

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Our further topics

STOK survey

Inventory Management in Hospitals

In collaboration with the University of Paderborn’s professorship for service management, Arvato conducted a study in order to adapt the STOK inventory management solutions even better to the needs of hospitals. 

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Order-to-Cash Logistics

Integrated or best-of-breed outsourcing?

These days, outsourcing (contract) logistics activities is an obvious choice when designing and optimizing supply chains. In an economic analysis, Thorsten Winkelmann asks himself which type of outsourcing is advantageous and when.

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News & Whitepaper

News from the healthcare world

Learn all about our partnership with Rangel for the distribution of medications in Portugal as well as about our new location, which we placed into operation in Birmingham. 

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White paper: „The future of the supply chain in the healthcare sector“

To what extent are patient expectations changing? How do we guarantee supply chain security? And what role do postponement and automation solutions play in ensuring both high performance and low costs? In the whitepaper on "The Future of the Supply Chain in the Healthcare Sector," experts from Arvato show how the supply chain’s future could look.

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