Trainee program Logistics Management*

Your way to the innovative world of logistics

As Trainee Logistics Management, you will be part of our 18-month ASPIRE trainee program and gain deep insights into our dynamic logistics projects and processes. 

Together, we are shaping the logistics world of tomorrow and working to realize our vision - to be the most client-oriented international supply-chain company with the strongest focus on people and technology.

Start on 04 October 2023 at our campus in Gütersloh (Germany) and experience the diverse tasks of our warehouses as part of various assignments at our locations in Germany and abroad. 

This is how you prepare yourself for your manager position in the warehouse area or your position in project management with us!


Jennifer Heeger

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What we offer

What awaits you in your ASPIRE trainee program?

You will get to know the diversity of warehouse logistics "from the ground up" and work through all areas of our warehouses, such as incoming goods, picking, returns and outgoing goods, in several assignments in Germany and abroad. One of your assignments will take you to the Logistics Engineering department, where you will gain deep insights into logistics/warehouse planning. After you have gained comprehensive knowledge of our operational logistics processes, we will give you the opportunity to gain initial management experience as a team leader and thus acquire leadership skills. After your trainee program, you will be well prepared for your next step into a manager position in the warehouse area or a position in project management with us!

Becoming part of the ASPIRE trainee program

Of course, our recruiting team will accompany you throughout the entire process so that you are always well informed and someone is available to answer your questions.

We look forward to receiving your application! #aspire

* We welcome applications of any gender (f/m/x). Severely disabled applicants (f/m/x) will be given preferential consideration in the event of equal suitability and qualifications.

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Jennifer Heeger

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