We become certified cleanup partner of 4ocean

Today, we announce our partnership with 4ocean to officially join the clean ocean movement as a Certified Cleanup Partner.

Together, this partnership will help clean more than 12,500 pounds of plastic and trash from oceans, rivers, and coastlines around the world.

“Arvato is proud to announce our partnership with 4ocean, as we join forces to clean waterways. This collaboration embodies our commitment to environmental sustainability and protecting our planet for future generations,” says Mitat Aydindag, President of Arvato in North America. “Together, we’re making a meaningful impact and inspiring others to join us in this important mission.”

The world has produced an estimated 18.3 trillion pounds of plastic since the 1950s; less than 10% of it has been recycled while 79% accumulates in the environment. Global plastic production is expected to triple by 2050, according to the World Economic Forum, which means an increase in the amount of plastic waste polluting the environment. To combat this crisis, 4ocean’s professional, full-time captains and crews have removed more than 36 million pounds of plastic waste and other human-caused debris from the world’s oceans, rivers, and coastlines since 2017.

“We see our partnership with 4ocean as an essential step in our commitment to sustainability,” says Darcy Everett, Corporate Sustainability Manager for Arvato in the USA. “Our organization cares about the planet, and we want to actively contribute to the removal of plastic waste from our waterways.”

Plastic pollution is not just an environmental issue; it also threatens the global economy and global food security. Ocean-based industries like fishing and tourism employ billions of people; the blue economy also contributes several trillion dollars of goods and services to the global economy every year. More than 3 billion get their primary source of protein from seafood. The solution to this plastic problem is multi-faceted, and takes partnership and collaboration across industries, governments, and communities.

“There’s been a major shift for businesses to lead the way towards a better future,” says Alex Schulze, CEO of 4ocean. “By becoming a Certified Cleanup Partner, Arvato has shown their commitment to the clean ocean movement and will encourage other companies and like-minded individuals to do their part in creating a healthier world for us all.”

For 4ocean, collaboration with companies like Arvato allows them to carry out their mission to end the ocean plastic crisis. For Arvato, collaboration with a company like 4ocean allows them to make meaningful impacts beyond their day-to-day operations.

“This partnership is part of our holistic approach to being good stewards,” Mitat Aydindag continues. “This unique opportunity accompanies the additional sustainability initiatives Arvato is tackling at our sites and our operations.”

Certified Cleanup Partners, like Arvato, work closely with 4ocean to discuss their cleanup and sustainability goals to calculate the greatest impact they can provide to the captains and crews. Partners support cleanup efforts through funding for on-the-ground 4ocean cleanup operations across the globe. 4ocean has cleanup operations working seven days a week cleaning the ocean in Florida, Indonesia, Haiti, and Guatemala.

“4ocean Certified Cleanup Partners go above and beyond the average sustainability pledge,” explains Schulze. “Brands like Arvato are providing immediate support to the regions most affected by ocean trash. Their efforts result in a dramatic improvement to ecosystem health and vulnerable communities that can be seen by all.”

Organizations interested in becoming a Certified Cleanup Partner are encouraged to apply by visiting and filling out the form.

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