A strong team

Our Management

We have aligned our organization to the needs of our internationally operating clients to offer them the greatest value.

 Julia Boers, President Beauty and Luxury at Arvato

Julia Börs

President Beauty & Luxury

Linda Coughlan

Chief Human Resources Officer

 Axel Mayer, President Lifestyle Fashion & Sports

Axel Mayer

President Lifestyle Fashion & Sports

 Matthäus Pietz, Chief Financial Officer at Arvato

Matthäus Pietz

Chief Financial Officer

 Lidia Ratajczak-Kluck, President Large Scale Fashion at Arvato

Lidia Ratajczak-Kluck

President Large Scale Fashion

 Stephan Schierke, President Publisher at Arvato

Stephan Schierke

President Publisher

 Frank Schirrmeister, Chief Executive Officer at Arvato

Frank Schirrmeister

Chief Executive Officer

 Thorsten Winkelmann, President Healthcare at Arvato

Thorsten Winkelmann

President Healthcare

Jens Winter

Chief Information Officer