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How we make your supply chain more sustainable

A commitment to sustainability is essential for brands and is expected by end customers. An impactful approach involves implementing innovative logistics solutions that consider environmental, economic, and social aspects. We support you in in achieving a more sustainable approach across your entire supply chain. The implementation of efficient and innovative automation solutions in warehouse operations is a key focus for us.

An arvato site with photovoltaic systems on the roof

The dimensions of sustainability in the supply chain

Working together with all stakeholders is the only way we can make the supply chain more sustainable, enable transparent processes and seamless information on the origin of all components and goods and make the best decisions on this basis. It's not just about reducing CO2 emissions, but also about the impact on employees and society as a whole. Therefore, the environmental as well as the economic and social aspects of sustainability must be taken into account. An overall view of the life cycle of products and services is required - from the procurement and use of raw materials to logistics, product return and recycling. As a logistics service provider, we contribute to a significant part of the entire life cycle and support our clients in improving their sustainability footprint.

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Refurbishment solutions

With our refurbishment solution, we extend the added value of our clients’ products. Automated solutions enable the simultaneous testing of several products, shorten throughput times and ensure consistent quality. In addition to economic benefits in the form of cost savings and higher product availability, the refurbishment process enables significant savings in CO2 emissions of around 44 kg CO2e per device, which would be generated by new production.

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Palletizing and depalletizing robots

Since 2022, we have been using palletizing and depalletizing robots that perform complex and physically demanding tasks inbound and outbound with the help of AI. By deploying the robots, we are increasing process throughput, improving process quality and reducing our carbon footprint. The robots also relieve our employees of heavy and non-ergonomic tasks. As Industry 4.0 technologies, they contribute to sustainability and have a positive impact on operational efficiency.

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Interplay between Industry 4.0 and sustainability

Digitalization and Industry 4.0 technologies open up opportunities to make processes more sustainable. This is particularly important for the logistics sector, as energy and raw materials are consumed here. Added to this is the responsibility towards employees and the task of making as many processes as possible more sustainable and efficient in the long term. In an interview with our colleague Karoline Kowalik, we explore the extent to which innovative technologies interact with sustainability strategies in logistics.

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Paperless Logistics

We organize our warehouse operations paperless. This not only speeds up processes, but also improves the ecological balance of the supply chain, ultimately leading to more sustainable and environmentally friendly logistics practices. We digitize documents for our customers that would otherwise be printed in large quantities. This mainly concerns end customer documents such as invoices and delivery bills, but also process-related documents such as pick lists or loading lists.

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Further initiatives at a glance

an aerial view of a complete logistics site with solar panels for sustainability on the roof

Environmental sustainability at Arvato - we take responsibility for the environment

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a rooftop terrace under blue skies with a kicker table in the foreground and several employees talking in the background.

Diversity and equal opportunities – we focus on a respectful working environment

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