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How we make your supply chain more sustainable

A sustainable orientation of brands is indispensable and is taken for granted by end customers. One important lever: innovative logistics solutions that take ethical, social and ecological aspects into account. We support you in achieving a more sustainable orientation along your entire supply chain. The use of efficient and innovative solutions in the field of automation in the warehouse plays a decisive role for us.

An arvato site with photovoltaic systems on the roof

The complete supply chain counts

We take a look at the entire life cycle of products and services - from raw material procurement and use to logistics, product return and recycling. Only together with all stakeholders in the supply chain can we create a truly sustainable solution to enable transparent processes and seamless information on the origin of all components and goods, and make the best decisions on this basis.

Andreas Barth, President Tech and Group Head of ESG at Arvato standing between two high racks

Sustainability in the supply chain is a major challenge for companies due to the high level of complexity and the many players involved in the supply chain. We support our clients by providing the greatest possible transparency.

Andreas Barth Group Head of ESG & President Tech Industry

A selection of our initiatives at a glance

Bird's eye view: Arvato buildings fully equipped with photovoltaic systems

Sustainability at Arvato - we take respon­sibility for the environment

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