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For us, entrepreneurial success is measured not only by economic figures, but also by how sustainably and responsibly we act. We are part of our customers' value chain and handle order processing, customer service and payment management with our order-to-cash processes. As an international supply chain management and e-commerce company with more than 85 locations worldwide and as a member of the Bertelsmann Group, we assume responsibility - towards our employees, society and the environment.

On the following pages, we provide information about our focus topics: our sustainability goals and measures, the promotion of diversity & inclusion in our company, our commitment to health, well-being and fair working conditions, and the continuous training of our employees.


Here we are committed

Sustainability Projects

As a global company, we take our responsibility for reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our business activities seriously and have already taken measures to significantly reduce emissions.

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Diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI)

Diversity, equality and inclusion ensure that application processes consider a variety of applicants for open positions within and outside a company. This creates a diverse, inclusive workplace where all employees feel they belong and thrive.

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Learning as an integrative part of our organization (learning ecosystem) is designed to help us prepare our employees for current challenges while meeting the needs and requirements of our customers and our growth and development objectives.

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Health, safety and well-being

How we provide our employees with a safe and secure working environment and promote their health. For us, health is not just the absence of illness, but a complex system of requirements, physical, mental and social resources, and personal goals.

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Andreas Barth on Sustainability at Arvato

We have successfully installed a new photovoltaic system at our headquarter in Gütersloh!

Andreas Barth, Tech Industry President & Group Head Corporate Social Responsibility, answers some questions on how this investment fits into the company's sustainability strategy and what Arvato's climate targets are.

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The ZERO HERO AWARD 2021 goes to... Hong Kong!

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for us and our customers. That is why we are looking at how we can support our customers' sustainability strategy and our own climate targets in our warehouses. To highlight which site has made the most progress in the past year, we are presenting the Arvato Zero Hero Award for the first time!

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The Corporate Responsibility Council

At Arvato, Corporate Responsibility (CR) is becoming a fundamental part of how we make business and how we interact with the wider society. It is all about the impacts of our business activities on our employees, the society and the environment – and about our responsibility along the entire value chain.

The Arvato Corporate Responsibility Council takes reasonable and manageable steps to cover the most relevant CR topics and provide a structured and conceptional approach across all business units.

"Every individual, every company and every country has an obligation and must contribute to limiting global warming as much as possible."

Andreas Barth is Group Head of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility. In this interview, he explains what strategy Arvato is pursuing in the area of corporate responsibility and what concrete measures have already been taken.

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Current topics

Press report

New Solar power plant in Gennep is taken into operation by Arvato

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Arvato operates Pleasant Prairie location entirely on green electricity

Press report

Arvato implements deaf alert at Hanover logistics center

Corporate Engagement in Detail

Sustainability along the Supply Chain

The logistics supply chain of today has a lot of potential to be made more ecological. You can read more about how Arvato approaches and masters this task on our focus page.

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CR Report

Compliance, data protection, diversity and paper - Bertelsmann bears responsibility for these and other issues from the perspective of its employees and external stakeholders. The Corporate Responsibility Report shows how the company meets these requirements.

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Code of Conduct

The Bertelsmann Code of Conduct is also our guideline for legally compliant and ethical behavior within the company, toward business partners and the public, which is binding for every employee worldwide.

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The Bertelsmann Essentials contain the goals and core values for all employees, executives and shareholders of the company and build on the corporate constitution. 

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Action plan inclusion

Based on the plan, processes and structures are to be designed within the next five years in such a way that employees with disabilities can work as barrier-free as possible and contribute their full potential.

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Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG)

Speak-up channels: Raise concerns and report violations

At Arvato, employees, business partners and third parties always have the opportunity to ask for advice or discuss a concern about potential misconduct. When investigating reports of misconduct, the rights of everyone involved are protected and decisions on disciplinary measures are made fairly, appropriately, confidentially and transparently.

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Miriam Bartsch

Miriam Bartsch

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