B2B Distribution

B2B Distribution Solutions for Every Requirement

Today, internationalization and increasing digitalization are presenting greater demands than ever on B2B logistic services. Transparency, speed and high quality are required within an integrated distribution solution – one that includes planning, organization, management and control of the entire flow of goods, data and finances. Arvato Supply Chain Solutions operates a variety of distribution channels out of its warehouses: wholesalers, retailers, branches or distributors and their warehouses. Our B2B distribution services support your omnichannel strategies with standardized structures across various locations, and we take over all services for you along the order-to-cash cycle, including transport and customs management.

As an internationally active company with industry expertise in the area of B2B logistics, we have an accurate picture of the client- and country-specific requirements and can implement customized deliveries – based on the particular delivery guidelines – for you or your B2B customers, such as large retail chains and hospitals. In order to increase inventory flexibility and be able to react quickly to the demands of particular markets and customers, we integrate value added services such as kitting, labeling or print-on-demand solutions into our B2B logistics.

With our B2B distribution solutions, which are universally equipped with modern SAP-based IT systems, you achieve the necessary speed and transparency in all distribution channels and processes – including incoming orders, all logistical services in the warehouse, transport, and payment and customs services. For smooth processes in B2B logistics, we seamlessly integrate your ordering or billing systems that are usual in the industry, or use our own order management and VMI systems. With the help of comprehensive data analysis and forecast models, we manage peaks, prevent supply shortages, lower the rate of clearance sales and optimize the number of returns.


Solutions Overview

  • Distribution solutions with integrated order-to-cash processing
  • Omnichannel management with supply of all distribution channels: Wholesalers, retailers, branches, distributors, direct deliveries (e.g. to hospitals or pharmacies)
  • Connecting sector- and customer-specific ordering, VMI and billing systems with Arvato’s global IT system
  • Mapping recipient- and/or market-specific (delivery) procedures
  • Postponement and value added services such as labeling, kitting, print-on-demand, etc.
  • Returns management, including processing goods or immediate replacement delivery
  • Multilingual customer service with dedicated teams for optimal process coordination
  • Inventory management
  • Customs and trade management
  • Carrier-independent transport solutions

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