Delius Klasing Verlag switches to the VVA

Bielefeld-based Delius Klasing Verlag will be delivered by VVA (Vereinigte Verlagsauslieferung) in Gütersloh from June 2022.

As of June 1, 2022, Delius Klasing will complete its change of publisher delivery from hgv (Hanseatische Gesellschaft für Verlagsservice, Hamburg) to the VVA Group in Gütersloh.

"I would like to thank hgv for the successful cooperation over the past few years. I am looking forward to the move to VVA, especially since it creates a regional cooperation in East Westphalia, which I very much welcome," says publisher Konrad Delius. The VVA will be responsible for the delivery of 1,300 book and calendar titles from the fields of water sports, cycling, automobiles, football, music and lifestyle as well as the dispatch of bonuses and sample issues for the publisher's entire magazine division.

Stephan Schierke, Managing Director of VVA, adds: "I am very pleased that we were also able to convince the traditional publishing house Delius Klasing, which is located in the immediate vicinity of Bielefeld, of our merits. Delius Klasing joins the pleasingly high number of new customers we have been able to acquire in recent years. VVA's classic strengths, consistently high quality and high stability due to our shareholders, are convincing more and more publishers in the increasingly difficult market environment."

About Delius Klasing:

Delius Klasing is one of Europe's leading special interest publishers. Delius Klasing's print and digital magazine portfolio (including BIKE, YACHT and TOUR) comprises a total of 17 regular magazines as well as the corresponding digital editions and various special and annual publications. Around 1,000 available printed titles and 600 e-books are part of the book publisher's program. In addition, the company organizes around 30 of its own events. At its locations in Bielefeld, Hamburg and Munich, 214 employees currently work for the family-owned company, which is managed by Konrad Delius and Nils Oberschelp.

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