Sustainability along the Supply Chain

Sustainable supply chains are a success factor

The issue of sustainability is playing an increasingly important role for companies. But the ecological footprint is not determined solely by the company's own value creation. Logistics processes must also be aligned sustainably by taking ethical, social and ecological aspects into account when managing the supply chain. Arvato is therefore also taking appropriate measures in line with the Bertelsmann Group's clear goal of climate neutrality by 2030.

Supply chain sustainability refers to the management of environmental, social and economic impacts throughout the lifecycle of products and services - from raw material sourcing and logistics to product return and recycling.

Transparency is the name of the game
"Sustainability in the supply chain is a major challenge for companies due to its complexity and the many players involved in the supply chain," says Andreas Barth, Group Head of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility. "Ultimately, it's a matter of making all processes transparent and ensuring seamless information on the origin of all components and goods." This is where modern digital technologies such as Big Data management, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and security tools such as blockchain and RFID play a significant role, creating unprecedented transparency and taking supply chain operations to a new level. This is all the more important as not only order volumes but also consumer demands for delivery speed continue to rise. Only when companies have real-time access to third-party logistics networks and comprehensive visibility into their entire supply chain, including subcontractors, will they be able to put both sustainability and speed into practice.

Experts offer support
However, although many companies have long recognized the relevance of the topic, implementation has often been lacking. This is where specialized supply chain and e-commerce specialists such as Arvato Supply Chain Solutions can offer valuable support by identifying and exploiting optimization potential along the supply chain. This applies not only to the alignment of the supply chain and transport routes according to climate criteria, but also to the sustainable design of our business buildings, which we are actively promoting at several locations.

Corporate Responsibility at Arvato

Andreas Barth, Group Head of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility at Arvato, explains in an interview what strategy we are pursuing in the area of corporate responsibility and what our long-term goals are.

He discusses measures that have already been implemented as well as projects planned for the future.

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Measures & information to improve the carbon footprint

Energy efficiency of buildings

The factor of sustainability can be positively influenced in a wide variety of ways. One pillar at Arvato is the energy-efficient design of the buildings at our sites worldwide.
Through large photovoltaic systems, smart buildings, and the switch to LED lighting, we reduce the energy consumption of our buildings and at the same time focus on durability.

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Automated packaging solution

Maximum flexibility and the acceleration of operational processes are important goals of warehouse automation at Arvato. But this packaging solution is also an important factor in our sustainability strategy - through more efficient use of resources and reduction of transport volumes. Read more about the functionality of this warehouse technology and its use in the day-to-day operations here.

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Our social approach

Big Picture: Corporate Responsibility at Arvato

The sustainability of our supply chains is not the only important issue. Behind every company are people who work for each other and think of each other. You can find all aspects of our responsibility here.

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"The first big step has been taken"

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a decisive competitive factor. Miriam Bartsch, Senior Manager Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, and Melanie Engler, Senior Expert Sustainability Management, explain in an interview how we respond to such requests and how we support our customers in improving their climate footprint.

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Miriam Bartsch

Miriam Bartsch

Senior Manager Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability