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All Sales Channels out of One Hand

Arvato serves various sales channels from its warehouses in order to ship medical products to: hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, laboratories and patients as well as wholesalers. We provide optimal support for manufacturers’ multi-channel strategies, shipping goods from one warehouse which facilitates the creation of standardised structures, a higher level of transparency, optimised processes and stock and reduces costs.

Pre-wholesale – services for the manufacturer

Arvato provides storage for pharmaceutical and medical technology manufacturers and transports their products to wholesalers. Manufacturers retain ownership of their medicine and goods are only billed once they have arrived at the wholesaler. Manufacturers benefit from our industry specific knowledge. All activities meet the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) requirements. This allows us to guarantee control of the sales chain at all times and to maintain the quality and integrity of the medicinal products. 

Direct to Pharmacy/Hospital

Secure supply chains are now more important than ever, to prevent falsified medicine from reaching patients and to ensure that, for example, temperature requirements for thermosensitive products are met. The more direct the delivery to end consumers (e.g. pharmacies or hospitals), the higher the level of security. At the same time, however, such direct distribution channels also increase the complexity of the process to such a level that many companies are unable to face the challenges this presents. With our direct-to-pharmacy and direct-to-hospital models, we transact all order-to-cash processes – from order taking and logistics (including postponement processes) all the way to invoicing and reporting.


Pharmacies, medical facilities, and patients all benefit from the increased security invested in the process of obtaining products with reliable quality through a pre-determined, fully qualified and documented sales channel, as well as from the absence of a middle man. The necessary levels of transparency are guaranteed at all times through the creation of corresponding reports, all based on our integrated IT infrastructure.

Direct to Patient – Arvato brings you and your patients closer together

Our experts are on hand with their thorough and cross-industry IT know-how should you have any questions relating to webshop systems or their creation and maintenance. Our Europe-wide logistics and distribution solutions, which have secured the trust of certain notable clients, make us the optimal partner for the seamless link-up of supply chain processes, from order management, financial and reimbursement management, all the way to the delivery to the end consumer. Specially trained and multi-lingual customer service representatives provide you and your clients with further added value.

Your Benefits

  • Protection from counterfeiting: Direct delivery without wholesaling and re-imports
  • Transparency: Reporting based on an integrated IT infrastructure
  • GDP-compliant: All processes including shipment are transacted according to strict requirements

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Andreas Olpeter

Andreas Olpeter

Vice President Sales & Business Development - Healthcare