Track & Communicate

Know where your goods are at all times

Whether the item in transit is a lightweight package or heavy goods on pallets – you and your consumer want to know where the goods are at all times. Arvato’s tracking solutions achieve transparency throughout the entire process – also for marketplace shipments. Take advantage of our good connection to DHL, which sends us updates about our shipments every 15 minutes that we then forward to you.

Communicate new information proactively to your consumers to give them the feeling of control.

Solutions at a glance

Solution features

  • Manufacturer-independent mobile and desktop display in responsive design
  • Carrier-independent, harmonized milestone tracking including signature notification
  • Intelligent search with diverse shipment characteristics
  • Tracking and communication for marketplace shipments
  • Aggregated display of shipments consisting of multiple individual shipments


  • Standard or customized HTML templates
  • Sending of communication for defined statuses
  • Email and SMS dispatch
  • Integration of dynamic content
  • Monitoring of user behavior via click analysis
  • Support and consultation in technological and visual design


  • Provision of tracking pages or embedding in customer portal
  • Integration of corporate design
  • Integration of advertising elements (e.g. banners, discount codes)

Your benefits

  • End-to-end transparency
    through milestone tracking across all carriers for B2B and B2C
  • One-stop service – from fulfillment and transport management to information management
  • Fewer consumer queries
    through proactive provision and distribution of information
  • Benefit in the visual implementation from the support and consulting services from our experienced employees
  • Long-term enhancement
    of transport performance through comprehensive carrier monitoring

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