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Supply Chain Solution to Empower Growth

In a longstanding collaboration with Victron Energy, we exceeded the expectations of our partner, embarking on a transformative journey towards heightened efficiency and expansive growth.

initial situation

With over 45 years of experience in power solutions, Victron sought a logistics service provider that reflected its values of highest quality standards, competence, and hands-on management. Recognizing our high expertise, they entrusted us to manage their global customer order fulfillment, propelling them toward a future of unprecedented growth.

Arvato's strategic approach to logistics has not only streamlined our operations but has become the backbone of our operational growth strategy, enabling us to maintain our strong position in the industry.

Victron Energy

Our Solution for Success

Our EMEA-wide fulfillment, supported by strategically located facilities, laid the groundwork for success. In response to Victron's needs, we introduced comprehensive warehousing services, including efficient transportation for package volumes and return services.

Facilitating a remarkable growth of over 50% in 2022, our logistics solution not only met but exceeded Victron's expectations.

Demonstrating remarkable adaptability and resilience in the face of industry complexities, our solution addressed unique challenges, such as handling odd-sized and heavy products. We introduced a heavy lifting system to support client needs and alleviate manual work from our employees.

Another challenge involved the handling and storage of hazardous goods, specifically batteries, prompting the implementation of an in-rack sprinkler system. This ensured compliance with regulations, underscoring our joint commitment to safety and efficiency.

Victron saw tangible benefits, including significant growth, heightened customer satisfaction, and a strengthened market position especially during challenging Corona times.


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Alexandra Jahn
Global Business Development | Tech