Fraud Management

Fraud Management in E-Commerce: More Security for your Company

One major challenge in e-commerce is the balance between optimized turnover and controlled risks. Experience shows that popular products like fashion articles and consumer electronics are particularly susceptible to fraud. Digital downloads are also fraught with risk. At Arvato, fraud management is tailored to your e-commerce business. With our solutions, we will detect instances of fraud for you at an early stage and identify suspicious patterns of activity. 

We have many years of expertise in fraud management for e-commerce. Based on our experience, we provide you with advice on intelligent fraud protection and optimize your risk parameters. As part of the fraud management process, we automatically check all transactions and report conspicuous items for manual review. Among the proven solutions in fraud prevention are credit checks, automated profile tracking and an innovative and flexible system of risk management. 

We support the selection of the ideal payment method with a system that actively controls payment options so that risky products can be purchased only with a secure mode of payment. With Arvato Fraud Management for E-Commerce, our customers can detect possible cases of fraud and better protect themselves against risks.


Solutions Overview

  • Automated inspection of all transactions in our fraud management system
  • Flexible set of rules for flagging suspicious transactions, followed by manual inspection of those suspicious transactions 
  • Management reports with all essential figures and KPIs
  • Automated device fingerprinting as part of fraud management
  • Examination of the billing and delivery address prior to shipment of the product
  • Credit check in Germany and the most important European markets
  • Evaluation of the payment practices of existing customers and how often they return items
  • Individualized credit limit for consumers to optimize conversion rate 
  • Standardized, stable and scalable IT solution


  • Many years of expertise in e-commerce. Every year, we process over 20 million orders for our customers in our fraud management system.
  • Our own Analysis Department continuously monitors the market and the risk parameters in order to identify waves of fraud early on and actively guard against them.
  • We use active monitoring to advise you on how to optimize your conversion rates and minimize the risk of non-payment at any time according to your needs. In case of 100% security guaranteed, even in the form of factoring. This is how we contribute to your financial success  

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