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Estimated Delivery Date

Increase conversion with an estimated delivery date based on real warehouse data.

90%+ forecast accuracy

True Exeption Management

CXC EDD market leader in Europe

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Real life Delivery Date Estimation.

Using the CXC machine learning algorithm, the EDD module calculates expected delivery dates based on real warehouse operations and real experience with the delivery service used.


Of course, it also takes into account holidays, cut-off times and, optionally, geo-data down to the street level.


The more geodata is is provided, the more precise the estimated delivery date gets.

Better conversion with trust.

Smart EDD Calculation considering warehouse productivities, transport data, shipping information, weekends and bank holidays.


Based on additional data analytics and resulting prediction, the result can differ on a order day basis.

Tweak it yourself.

Easy Self-Service Interface for fast and convenient adjustment of eCommerce parameters.

Protect conversion rate if needed with a custom threshold and max values.

API Calls

Integrate the Estimated Delivery Date easily to your own shop enviroment via our REST-API.

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