Customer Experience Cloud

Get the best post-purchase experience

The Arvato Customer Experience Cloud is a collection of modern web modules that help brands to enrich their e-commerce experience during checkout and after the sale.

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How your business benefits from the CXC

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Communicate better
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Boost Brand Loyalty
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Go paperless without increasing service volumes

Millions transactions per day

up to 80% Customer Service Contact Reduction

It is all about the peak!

A customer's brand experience is almost exclusively judged by the highest emotional impact - whether negative or positive.

This peak can therefore destroy and overwrite what has been achieved so far. The smaller ups and downs along the way play a secondary role.


For true and long-lasting customer loyalty, a holistic brand and shopping experience is of major importance and goes far beyond the decision to buy. 

Beginning with the checkout process, and especially during the time it takes for the desired items to arrive, the customer is in a particularly attentive and sensitive state.


The Customer Experience Cloud offers an Estimated-Delivery-Tool (CXC EDD), a single view of pick-up and drop-off locations (CXC PUDO-Finder), fully transparent and paperless shipping (CXC T&C), and digtial omni-channel returns with convenient in-store drop-off and instand pre-refund (CXC ORC and CXC IRC). All while maintaining the unique look and fell of your brand.

Boost your e-com experience with the CXC

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Customer Experience Cloud
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Estimated Delivery Date
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Pick-up & Drop-off Finder
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Track & Comunicate
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Online Return Center
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Instore Return Center

CXC Plug and Play approach

IT resources are very limited for all our clients these days, so the CXC offers 3 easy ways to integrate the different modules into your frontend or shop environment.

Standalone landing page

A branded landing page including basic navigation to other pages – no integration effort needed.

Your IT effort = 0 minutes

Modern web widget

Seamless customer experience with an embedded web module in your own frontend.

Your IT effort = 25 minutes

API Calls

Connect the CXC suite to your own infrastructure and use all functions via our REST-API.

Seeing is believing.

Take a real deep dive and find out more about all the benefits that the CXC has to offer you. The CXC team would love to hear from you.

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