Customer Experience Cloud

Track & Communicate

Extend your brand experience to post purchase communication and reduce customer service contacts.

A smartphone that displays an overview of the current status and expected delivery date of an order.

Be transparent & proactive!

Remove the blackbox and make warehouse & linehaul events transparent.

Manage expectations with updated EDD in Case of delay or unexpected events.

Reach customers via E-Mail, SMS & WhatsApp.

Same unified experience across carrier borders with a branded look & feel.

Remove the blackbox and make warehouse & linehaul events transparent

Manage expectations with updated EDD in Case of delay or unexpected events

Manage expectations before hand: increase the joyful anticipation or be transparent about possible delays and give a reason.

Reach customers via E-Mail, SMS & WhatsApp

Display and/or send individual messages on tracking dashboard, E-Mail, SMS, WhatsApp, facebook messenger etc. .

Same unified experience across carrier borders with a branded look & feel

Condense innumerable raw notifications to 25 customer significant and human readable events beyond carrier borders – with more than 150 carriers supported

Boost your e-commerce experience with the CXC

Seeing is believing.

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