Customer Experience Cloud

Boost your customer's shopping experience

We design and develop holistic customer-centric solutions for you to make the experience of your customers better every day. With consulting-, UX-, and Tech-power as well as our expertise in the area of order-to-cash lifecycles, we help you to transform your customers into loyal brand advocates.

The Customer Experience Cloud (CXC) starts directly in the middle of the buying process and provides great value for your customers. The CXC consists of four modules, that can be activated independently:

  1. Convert
  2. Track & Communicate
  3. Return
  4. Reporting & Intelligence

Every module can be integrated seamlessly into your webshop, native app or similar touchpoint. We remain in the background and enable you to present every CXC module and service completely in the look-and-feel of your brand.

Technology is our key enabler to make your customers happy: The CXC is a software-as-a-service solution that can be easily integrated into your online shop, app or other touchpoints. We rely on the latest technologies to make the integration convenient, while leveraging our existing IT-backbone to decrease your integration efforts to a minimum.

Today's and tomorrow's features and optimizations are market-proven, based on user research and behavioral data. Based on our monthly release cycles, your customers enjoy new possibilities frequently with easy activation or deactivation of features based on your needs.

Solution Overview: The CXC modules at a glance

Your Benefits

  • Full transparency
    Track and trace options with proactive notifications for all orders shipped by Arvato. Near real-time updates for customers providing the highest transparency while engaging customers to buy again.

  • Seamless integration into various touchpoints
    Maximum flexibility in onboarding the CXC into your brand’s world. Seamless integration to perfectly representing the look-and-feel of your brand using our widget- or API-services.

  • Integrated into the Arvato Supply Chain Solutions ecosystem
    Pre-built integration with the Arvato system landscape to ensure fast implementation and country rollouts. Leveraging our expertise in the e-commerce world for more than 20 years.

  • Sustainability first
    Our digital returns portal helps you to eliminate paperwork while making returning easy and convenient – for a greener world tomorrow.

In a fast changing world, customer loyalty is key. We know that the post-purchase experience is even more important than the purchase itself.

Ricardo Dittmer
Digital Officer Consumer Products at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

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Michael Schröder

Business Development Manager