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Transforming our collaboration culture with Microsoft 365


From siloed teams to a global collaboration culture

As we grow and become more global, it’s necessary for us to bring our people together digitally, harmonize on one platform, and encourage everyone to create solutions and share their knowledge. As a business tasked with handling goods and managing supply chains, our clients expect speed. Therefore we have to be fast and precise in our decisions.

But keeping alignment and collaboration between people across the company despite our large growth turned out as challenging, especially with a mixed technology landscape that rather hindered our collaboration. Gathering insights and compiling reports was time-consuming and limited our efficiency.

For these reasons we wanted to standardize platforms across our worldwide network of locations and reporting for external clients and internal parties alike. By using Microsoft 365, we wanted to become a more transparent and better connected organization with more efficient processes.


Connect our people and share knowledge

We successfully implemented our Modern Workplace: and work globally on one platform. We see that the move clearly enhances our business by supporting fast, informed decision-making. We observe a huge impact on our collaboration across countries, unlocking collective intelligence. The development represents a cultural change within our organization. Our employees are widening their networks and looking outside their immediate surroundings for information. Today, our employees feel that they‘re part of a bigger story – it’s less me and more us.  

We use Microsoft Teams to bring together the spirit of our company with a platform that supports this.

Dr. Dietmar Guhe Vice President Cloud IT & Infrastructure, Arvato

Launching new, time-saving methods for data reporting and analytics  

The increased visibility across a global network of employees boosts efficiency overall, cuts down on duplicate work, and helps spread best practices. We have standardized and simplified the time-consuming process of compiling business-critical reports for our clients by using Microsoft Power BI. The tool now enables a client-facing data analytics and reporting process that works across countries and includes the security inherent in the Microsoft 365 environment. Its built-in AI capabilities make performance analysis or identifying trends easier.  


Opening our organization to new talent and embracing hybrid work

Beyond that, we use Microsoft 365 to widen the scope of hiring practices. The current circumstances make it hard to recruit qualified employees and even harder when confined to a small regional area. We have adopted remote leadership, through Microsoft Teams, as part of our mindset. That ability – to work in a modern and flexible environment, also remotely –  increases our attractiveness as an employer and thereby secures the future of our business.  

The introduction of the cloud-based Modern Workplace client and M365 App suite has had a game changing impact on the way we collaborate and the speed of our business. It has become the foundation to substantially improve our knowledge sharing, efficiency, security and collaboration - for our clients as well as for our employees worldwide.

Frank Schirrmeister Chief Executive Officer, Arvato

The implementation of the Microsoft Modern Workplace initiated transformative changes within our organization. Microsoft 365 plays a crucial role in fostering our global culture of collaboration, breaking down silos, and establishing a more efficient, transparent, and forward-thinking organization. Through this strategic implementation, we have not only overcome immediate challenges but positioned ourselves in a constantly evolving business landscape to optimally support our clients in achieving their growth objectives.

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